A new start

A Cat
So it seems that, nowadays, everybody and their cat has a blog.  Until recently, I would not label myself as an “everybody”, but now, a shocking development is about to change it all (and no, sadly, I have not turned into a cat)–I am starting a blog!!

As mentioned in my “A Legend” box, over there on the left-hand side of your screen, my blog will be mostly about skiing, and the road (or ski trail?) that I am following to achieve my goals in said sport.  The pursuit of competitive skiing is a path that I have been traveling for the last 7 years, and, a path that I intend to continue following for years to come.  I hope that you will join me in my journey in the form of a Follower (another left-hand-side-of-your-screen-box), and that you will be able to derive some entertainment from my blog posts along the way.  
Once you have read a few of my posts, I am sure that you will find that even though I am now blogging, I am still not an “everybody”!
Now where to begin. . .
Racing to 3rd place (skate sprint), at the Whistler Olympic Park, before the incident

This past Winter has been a pretty lousy one for me, with respect to my sport.  I had pretty high expectations going into the 2011-12 ski season, but about a month in, I somehow got it into my head that I had to try a new sport–snowboarding no less.  Unfortunately the experience put something else into my head: a headache that lasted a month.  At the end of the ordeal, I had missed most of my on-snow season, but was able to make it back on skis in time to show up at Nationals with a pretty much non-existent base of training.  No miracles occurred, and so, I didn’t throw down any crazy results at Mont Saint Anne Nationals–but I did co-produce a legit new music video with my teammate Steffan Lloyd!

Yours truly, given’r at MSA Nationals 2012

With all the above in mind, I am going into this new year (for skiers the new year is May 1st) with an INSATIABLE HUNGER FOR SUCCESS (heh, lol).  But seriously, I can see so many aspects of my training that I can, and will, improve this year; a fairly empowering awareness, and one that I’m sure you other competitive athletes out there can appreciate.  After all, no matter what sport you are in, if you live to compete, then you Live to Rise above all other personal best performances.
Feelin’ stoked about the upcoming season. . .

. . .after 4X6min intervals on the bike
Looks like you’re at the end of my first blog!  Thanks a bunch for reading it.  In passing I would like to express my intentions of posting up here regularly.  And by regularly, I mean at least two times a month (it’s all relative, okay?).
Dream big people (and enjoy me and Steffan’s badass vid)!