Canmore and Silverstar

Whoa!  Fall always goes by so much faster than I expect it to.  Between school, training and work, I didn’t even end up having time to write a review of the October Lake Placid camp that I said I would do.  As it turns out though, I did write a blog post when I was out in Canmore doing some early season training/racing, but, I didn’t end up posting it because the internet connection at my lodgings was pretty bad.
So, it may be a bit late, but here’s a look into my mind on the evening of November 30th (in all it’s highlighted blue glory!).
Winter is here!  Well, at least, winter is here for parts of the country.  Luckily, I made the decision early in the year to head out to Canmore Alberta (where there is usually early snowfall) on the 23rd of November.  So, now it seems we’re almost into December, and I’ve been skiing on snow in Canmore for just over a week now.
This last week or so has been super exciting, and not just because I’m skiing for-real now, but also because it has been a week of preparation for my first race weekend of the year–which starts tomorrow!

For me, and for a lot of skiers I think, the first races are a bit of a milestone.  They signal the switch from the training season to the race season (o b v i o u s l y), and they also trigger a mental switch too.  The last month or so is always a bit of a stressful time for me.  It’s that time of year when you know you’ve trained hard all summer (at least, I know I have!), race season is looming ahead, and inevitably, you wonder: “have I done enough?”  From past experience, this question can almost always be answered with a resounding “YES!!”  But that doesn’t quash the anxiety.
So, finally, that time of year is about to end!  With the first races comes the answer to this question, and I’m confident that this year, yet again, it’ll be that common three letter word.

Dream big, people!!
Well!!!  As it turns out, I managed to throw down, not only in Canmore, but in Silverstar (Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre) the weekend after.  So, the trip was definitely a success, as I had three solid races out of a total of four (the distance race in Canmore ended up feeling a bit more like a Viking Death March than a race, for me), and I managed to eliminate my pre-season anxiety–yay!
As an added bonus, I met up with ski-friends that I haven’t seen in awhile, and I had a spectacular time in Silverstar, which, by the way, happens to be Paradise on earth (see pictures).

A HUGE thanks goes out to my ex-coach and homie Mike Vieira, for letting me chill with him in Canmore for a week and a half, NDC Thunder Bay and CVTC, for getting me and my gear respectively, over to Silverstar from Canmore, CNEPH, for waxing my skis in Canmore, and of course, Kieran, Kevin, and the rest of the Nakkertok support crew for doing such an amazing job of getting me, and my skis, race ready in Silverstar.  Last but totally not least, thanks to Salomon for top-notch support and awesome gear–let’s make this season a good one!

Dream big, people!!! (and check out my trip in pictures below!)


Goodbye Ottawa
Hello Calgary

At the Nordic Centre

Naps were a reoccurring theme in Canmore.

Yeah, I made some Banana Muffins

Race anticipation

My Sister was in Canmore on an exchange for a few days when I was there, so, obviously we had to get a picture of us with the mountains.

Welcome to Paradise!  Check out the swedish ski team members in the background, and Riel gettin’ the wax right.

Chris Weller–as interpreted by Chris Weller.

uh oh–a selfsie.

Snow Angel by yours truly.

Okay, I know how stupid food shots are, and I’m embarrassed that two of them made it in here, but, I was really proud of myself for making those banana muffins, and this pizza.  All done from scratch.

Photo cred’s to Em for this one.

The one!  The only!!  Dominique M-G!!!  Ridin’ the chair lift.

I’m dead serious when I say that The ‘Star is paradise.

Just like at Tremblant (see previous blog post), Silverstar has a radio tower at the top.

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