The Whistler Playlist

Hello World!

I am currently in my favourite place (Whistler) competing at Canadian Nationals in my favourite sport (ya’ll know what it is)!!!
Lately I’ve been reminded of the importance of getting focused–getting in “the zone”–before a big competition. Now, everybody is different (thankfully), which means that in competitive sport, and in life, not everyone reacts in the same way to certain stimuli. I’ve found that listening to music helps me get to that place I need to be before a big competition, and, while this might not work for all of my loyal blog followers hopefully some of you will find this tip helpful.

In honor of having some sweet beats to chill to before you throw down on the ski trails, or anywhere else, I put together a good pump-up song playlist today while hangin’ out in the condo at Whistler. So, even if music isn’t the key to getting yourself in the zone before your big event, at the very least these are twenty-some songs worthy of your iPod.

Follow the Youtube link below and enjoy (and don’t feel obliged to watch all the music videos. Music videos can be just plain weird sometimes).

Twenty-Some Pump Up Songs


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