A map worth 1000 words

It seems like just yesterday that I was scraping the summer storage wax off my race skis in preparation of my first races in December. In reality, although the waxing I’ve been doing this past week has, once again, involved storage wax, this time it has only concerned putting it on–to keep my skis happily un-oxidized over the summer months. Yep the race season is over (although with a Winter storm warning in effect for the Ottawa area this weekend it is debatable whether or not the ski season is!!).

This year has been a successful season for me–I’ve achieved almost all my goals!
In honor of that I’ve put together a google map of my cool travels in the 2012/13 season for your viewing pleasure!!

Can’t talk much more today as I’ve already taken enough time away from my exams, and the long process of finding sponsors for the upcoming season (wanna sponsor me?? Check out the Donate Now button on the left side of my blog or contact me about my financial needs for the 2012/13 season!! Everything helps!!!). So it’s back to work for me now, but, I will continue blogging my way through the next exciting season of training and racing! I look forward to sharing my adventures with you, my loyal blog followers, in the upcoming months!!

Thanks for the interest in my exploits this year!

Dream big, people!!!!!!
Yours truly: on top of the podium and, as always, dreaming big!