Salomon 569s spotted in the Ottawa region / New website

The end of a ski season also brings a lot of new and exciting beginnings. Here are a few of them…

As you are seeing right now, I’ve started a new website on WordPress! I wanted a sleeker, simpler look that blogger couldn’t really offer. Of course you will be remembered, The Edge of Glory.

On a health note, the lower-back issues that removed me from competition at Nationals are FINALLY starting to heal. Although they are resolving themselves in the most painstakingly slow fashion (which has required much physio/strengthening work on my part), my body has finally fixed itself to the point at which I can do short ski or running workouts. Which brings me to the title of this post…

This evening I stopped by Gatineau Park on my way home for a short ski. This was a conspicuous ski–and not just because it was my first pain free ski since the start of my back injury. A friend of mine at Fresh Air Experience Ottawa had recently acquired some demo skis from the Salomon guys over in France. And not just any skis–these are the stuff of legends: the Salomon **569s!!! To my excitement I was asked to take the skis out for a spin and report back to Fresh Air with my review of them.

Today, like most spring days, the conditions were marginal. It went from really soft to really icy every few-hundred meters and the skis tracked really well through all of it. Most impressively, I tried the skis head-to-head with my current favourite pair of race skis and the 569s were just as fast. This is notable because the 569s have, like, 2 layers of wax in them and the race skis I was testing them against have been waxed a TON.

2014-04-16 20.14.24

Turns out the skis are also good for air-guitar

Yep, April sucks for skiers. But when there’s still enough snow in the Park to rip around on some new-and-fast skis things don’t look so bad 🙂

**Info about 569s: If you haven’t heard of these before don’t stress–they’re not very well known in North America yet simply because there are very few of them here. The 569s are a high-performance mold of the Salomon Equipe 10 skates. They’re known for having a really nice camber to them. Rumour says Fresh Air will be getting in a (limited) number of pairs of these skis next fall, so come by the store early October if you’re interested in fast new boards for next year.